DBSA 50 Schools in the Eastern Cape

50 Schools in 50 weeks

Eradicating mud schools in the Eastern Cape

The Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) is a comprehensive school building program undertaken by the DBE, towards the eradication of inappropriate school facilities primarily in the rural areas of South Africa. The programme includes provision of basic services – water, sanitation and electricity. In July 2011, the DBE entered into an agreement with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) as Implementing Agent, starting with the planning and construction of 50 schools in the Eastern Cape as the initial phase of ASIDI.

The Design Process:

The brief for the schools was to incorporate core teaching spaces – classrooms; libraries; laboratories; hygienic ablutions; an administration block  and assembly area.The design of the schools is based on the courtyard concept which provides adequate supervision and observation of learners in assembly and play areas. The design process was based on the ‘kit of parts’  approach in order to meet the very tight delivery program.



CLIENT:  Department of Basic Education. 

PROJECT VALUE: 800 Million
ADDRESS: Eastern Cape Province
ASSOCIATES: DesignSpaceAfrica ( Lead Architects and Principal Agent ) in association with: Ruben Reddy Architects cc, NN Architects, TCN Architects cc