Africa House: Office Refurbishment

Refurbishment of Office Building: Africa House located in the Parliament Precinct. The building used to be the British High Commission and has a heritage status. The objective was to create a dignified, contemporary interior for a user-friendly office working environment and business executive offices and lounges for protocol as required by the Client. Specific attention had to be given to the Heritage Status of the building, and consultations with Heritage Western Cape gave our Firm further insight into working with Heritage Buildings.

Main challenges include the task of working according to representative and protocol requirements of the Client; working in the high security environment and the execution of delicate restoration and refurbishment during the operation of the Parliamentary Precinct. Programming was difficult and most of the work had to be done during the Parliamentary recess to reduce the disruptions caused by building work.

In order to adequately respond to the high-end Interior Design required for the projects, our Firm established associations with Interior Design Firms: Ikho Design and Who Did It Interior Design office. These were very successful collaborations.


CLIENT: Department Of Public Works
COMPLETION: August 2009
ADDRESS: Parliament Street, Cape Town