An Afternoon of Song and Celebration

We at DesignSpaceAfrica are very proud to announce the completion of the Aftercare building for iThemba Labantu in Philippi. A great celebration of song and dance went down on Friday afternoon during the building inauguration.  

iThemba Labantu is a centre based in Philippi in New Eisleben Road which operates as a church based NGO run by a passionate Reverend Otto. His energy and unwavering passion is inspiring to witness and his positivism toward a bettered future for the people of Philippi is humbling.  These notions come forth when visiting iThemba Labantu as there is an inherent sense of community and belonging within the centre.

The centre has various facilities which strive to empower the local community through education, health care and skills development. A few of the buildings include a sandbag soup kitchen designed by DesignSpaceAfrica, a hospice, skills development centre, public space and play space for the children and now an aftercare centre for the youth of Phillippi.

The aftercare building is L shaped, which frames a public courtyard adjacent to the existing hospice building. Centered within the intimate courtyard is an existing tree under which informal dialogues and interaction can occur. The double storey building provides four classrooms and a computer lab where students can come together for personal interaction with teachers and peers after school hours. The playful palate of colours and steel columns evoke a sense of fun and adventure creating an inviting environment for children to enjoy.