CPUT Mechanical Engineering

This project successfully adhered to the strict time and financial constraints required in the brief.  A careful phasing and decanting plan was drawn up to ensure minimal disturbance to the teaching time.

The building had to respond to the overall plan for the campus and existing urban design  guidelines.  However these were re-interpreted  to reflect the industrial aesthetic of mechanical design.  The building is a courtyard type building and locates facilities such as classrooms; labs and lecture theatres around the courtyard spaces to create inside-outside relationships and visual connectivity.  The result is a well organised academic facility, that fosters social interaction among students, through multi-use spaces for conversation, quiet study and group discussion.

The steel structural elements of the building are celebrated through careful detailing to give the building an industrial aesthetic.  This theme is carried through in the furniture and fixture selection, resulting in a building that reflects its function consistently whilst still being defined by its peoples’ places.



CLIENT: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
PROJECT VALUE: R 55M                                       COMPLETION: JULY 2010
ADDRESS: Symphony Road, Bellville, Cape Town