DesignSpaceAfrica project office

DesignSpaceAfrica new office extension inside the historic Warehouse building at 24 Alfred St, the Waterfront. 

DesignSpaceAfrica has designed a new project office as part of our office extension across the hall from our original offices.  The space currently houses workstations for 12 architects, a new enclosed boardroom, A copy and chill room, as well as a model building workshop.  The office is housed inside the historic "Warehouse" building designed by Ernest Seeliger in 1901, and later renovated by Noero Wolff in 2005.

The office is laid out so as to create a flexible environment which can lend itself to hosting events, talks, and screenings.  We designed workstations that are demountable for easy storage.  New partitions where erected for a large boardroom including a large decorative timber screen.  The partitions, proportions as well as colors of the new project office echo that of our existing office across the hall.  Many new beautiful South African artworks where purchased to enhance and activate the space.

The Valkenberg Consortium, including architects from Ebesa Architects moved into the office in 2011

We approached Haldane Martin to manufacture custom furniture elements for our office extension in 2011.  


CLIENT: DesignSpaceAfrica
ADDRESS: 24 Alfred St, the Waterfront, Cape Town

Furniture made by Haldane Martin Studio