East City Fringe District Urban Design


Dynamic, Inclusive, Public Space in Cape Town


DesignSpaceAfrica has been involved in setting up the vision & conceptual parameters for the Fringe since the projects inception. Design Space Africa was approached by the Cape Town Partnership in 2010 to design a temporary (5 year) business incubation hub within the Fringe precinct. The hub was designed using recycled shipping containers.  

In 2012, DesignSpaceAfrica was asked to look at a permanent landscaping plan for the square.  The adopted concept for the new design was "Making Time visible"  Harrington square was initially part of the District Six fabric, Houses as well as St John's church previously resided on the site.  The proposed landscaping plan revealed the past, present and inclusive future of the site, by connecting walkways, and creating meeting places.



CLIENT: Cape Town Partnership and the Fringe
ADDRESS: Harrington Square, East City Cape Town

2010 Temporary container incubator

2012 Landscaping plan for Harrington Square

"Making time visible"