EcoBeam Showhouse Abu Dhabi


This project explored the viability and adaptability of the eco-beam sand bag technology used in the 10X10 Design Indaba Competition, in a different climatic and topographical context.  The sand bag technology was adapted for use in the harsh desert extremes, with vast di-urnal temperature changes, and wind storms.  The mass of the eco beam structure was deemed suitable for this climate due to its thermal properties.  Passive ventilation strategies and solar shading, as well as multi-purpose roof scapes were employed to create hospitable and comfortable user environments.

The prototype was extremely successful and its ongoing durability and robustness is being assessed and documented before the technology can be employed on a large scale to address the low cost housing needs in this region.



 PROJECT VALUE: Prototype Project
 COMPLETION: 2010                                                  LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates