Kids Zone Cape Town Book Fair 2010

Kids Zone Cape Book Fair 2010

Having been the architects for the children’s area at the Cape Town Book Fair 2009, we were afforded the opportunity to design another Kids Zone for the CTBF 2010.
The 2010 brief included a story telling area, quiet reading area, activities area, and a free- play area.  Following from  the previous year, the design of the 100 sq. m space, draws on Aldo van Eyck’s ideas of ‘in-betweening’ as a theoretical base. This years design reflected the development of these ideas from the 2009 concept, and included more experimentation with form.

The design included a mobile, which formed a visual marker in the congested exhibition hall.  From the information desk a path led through a small ‘cave’ where the words ‘read’ and ‘children’ were written in different languages.  This path lead to the activities area, and was intersected by the more informal and organic path of unstructured movement, through a series of walls that conceal various activities.  The spatial experience is different depending on the direction of approach.

The exhibition of children’s artwork was formalised through space provided on walls.  A series of horizontal, vertical and tilted planes formed a range of spaces challenging children to engage physically and mentally.  In spite of a drastically reduced budget compared to the previous year, we managed to achieve our goal to engage minds and bodies of children and parents with the Kids Zone 2010 space.