Mupine Sustainable Residential Development

DesignSapceAfrica was appointed for Architecture & Urban Design Services by Old Mutual South Africa for the development of a sustainable Residential Village in Pinelands. The concept Design envisages 500 Units on a 7ha site. The project was taken to the design development stage and financial viability. The design was developed according to Green Design Principles and a 5 Star Green Rating was being achieved at the end of Procap  Stage 3.   Concurrent with Old Mutual’s vision for the project to create a sustainable environment , DesignSpaceAfrica incorporated “green principles” with a view to address both social as well as material aspects of the built environment.

The design response to achieve sustainability was based not only on using resources efficiently, but also on developing a design methodology which incorporated all the green design principles including the principle of appropriate orientation of buildings to maximise natural light and ventilation principles. The energy supply was diversified between ESKOM electricity supply, gas supply and solar energy collection which incorporated solar geysers. On site waste water treatment was provided, incorporating a bio-gas digester and reed beds as part of grey water purification and reticulation. The green design principles were applied both for the buildings and the green open spaces to create a harmonic relationship between the future residents and their environment, including the promotion of waste recycling.

The Mupine Village is situated near a Railway station and was designed to be largely pedestrian friendly allowing for generous cycle and walking paths. The project was put on hold in 2008.



 CLIENT: Old Mutual South Africa
 COMPLETION: Project On Hold
 ADDRESS: Pinelands, Cape Town                                            IN ASSOCIATION WITH :   ARG Urban Design / Landscaping