Parliament Precinct Cape Town

Parliament  Space Utilisation Project

This project, commissioned by the national department of public works, involved generating  a space planning strategy, on behalf of the national parliament.  The design team undertook a comprehensive audit of existing parliamentary facilities, as well as a study of the manner in which these spaces are currently used.  The space utilisation project identified whether spaces were being used efficiently, and uncovered where the space allocation was inadequate for particular  parliamentary functions and requirements. 

Following on from the space audit the design team explored the opportunities for the expansion of parliament both within its existing campus and in its surrounding context, through a design proposal .  The design proposal reflects the shift from autocracy to multi-party democracy through a much more public face for the South African Parliament.  It included a gateway space connecting the historic parliament and the future extensions, as well as a banqueting hall reflecting a strong African aesthetic.


CLIENT: Department of Public Works
ADDRESS: Roeland St, Cape Town