“[My architecture] is characterized by African contemporary design, creating an indoor-outdoor experience, with flexible and free-flowing spaces which give a sense of personal freedom. It also features clean lines, uncluttered spaces – influenced by the time I spent in Germany but enriched by African design influences and artisanship.”  Luyanda Mpahlwa


In 2008 we set out our vision with the following carefully chosen words:  responsive, intelligent, enduring design. These words reflect our aspirations and our approach to the design and delivery of all aspects of our living environment.

It is our mission to create socially responsible and sustainable environments defined by a passionate vision for architecture and technology, corresponding with global and contextual design culture. Our design philosophy is inspired by the desire to translate African culture and traditions into a contemporary architectural aesthetic that goes beyond general style interpretations.

We believe in an interdisciplinary approach to projects and have associates in the fields of development planning and management, urban design and community facilitation. We strive towards finding new architectural expressions through the use of space, light, colour, form and materials which are more reflective of our unique South African heritage. In our work we believe that architecture has a role in the transformation of our country and the upliftment of marginalised communities.

Committed to providing a first class service through working closely with our clients and by striving for continuous improvement in our designs and the services we offer; our approach has always been to put people first – our clients, communities, end users and all stakeholders involved in the development process. These values are embedded in our design philosophy and underpin our relationships with our colleagues and staff. Our aim is to maintain a rewarding and enjoyable work environment – a creative, dynamic and diverse workforce where employees thrive and can share in our prosperity.

We are passionate about place-making in the built environment, whilst responding to environmental issues, new opportunities and transformation, both in South Africa and abroad.

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