PRASA Station Modernisation


Bridging the divide, Connecting Cape Town

Luyanda Mpahlwa’ DesignSpaceAfrica has been commissioned as part of the ILISO Consortium for the Phase 1 of the PRASA Station Modernisation Project Western Cape Region (WCR). 5 new stations for the railway link between Cape Town Central Station and the Cape Flats shall be implemented. Integrated in their local contexts, this Station Modernisation Project seeks to bridge the social and spatial divide providing state of the art public transport nodes that conform to National standards.

Designed to improve commuter experience; the new (WCR) designs reflects commitment to a humane and modern rail network in line with the National Rail Modernisation roll-out.

The project concentrates on improved passenger flows, urban integration through cutting edge station design, innovative precinct planning and urban design.

The design vision is to improve urban integration and street to street access at stations in weather protected quality environments.

PRASA Station Modernisation envisions a seamless intermodal interchange that is comfortable and convenient for the public. Strengthened street to street connections are key to the project’s success.

DesignSpaceAfrica’s station designs are integrated in the city’s spatial planning for each area. Station access has been improved for universal accessibility, safety and convenience.

The new buildings are to be operationally efficient and comply with new station functional requirements and accommodation for projected passenger flows up to 2050.



PROJECT VALUE: R400m - R450m
ADDRESS: 5 sites on the Cape Flats, Cape Town - Nolungile Station, Stock Road Station, Bonteheuwel Station, Lentegeur Station and Mandalay Station


Map of the Existing Cape Town Railway network