South African Embassy - Addis Ababa

The appointment for new South African Embassy in Addis Ababa followed the success of the Berlin Embassy building. The significance of the location being that Addis Ababa is the seat of the African Union. The South African Government needed appropriate representation through the erection of the Chancery and three executive residential units.

The design is influenced by the confluence of the rich heritage and Architecture of the ancient Ethiopian civilization with  South African cultural influences. This provided the Design Team with the opportunity to develop a unique blend of “African inspired” design translated into a contemporary architectural and interior design idiom. 

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CLIENT: Department Of Public Works / Department Of Foreign Affairs, Govt Of South Africa
COMPLETION: December 2008
ADDRESS: South Africa Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
IN COLLABORATION WITH: Raas Architects (Architects Of Record), Ms Rahel Shawl