Technology and the built environment

“ Art and architecture are defined in relation to specific techniques of production”
— Walter Benjamin

Technology lies at the core of the construction of buildings.  From a building's conception in virtual 3 dimensions to its construction on site, advances in technology are affecting the way and shape of our designs. Increasingly, we communicate with consultants on 3D platforms, leading to better services,  co-ordination and improved design consistency.

At DesignSpaceAfrica, we embrace technological innovations and traditions in equal measure. We design our buildings using Autodesk REVIT software, a powerful BIM (Building Information Modelling) tool,  as well as operate a model building workshop with wood working tools and workbenches.  We experiment with 3D printing and laser and vinyl cutting in our model making workshop.

We believe in the power of making physical models which leads to greater understanding of the spaces we are creating.  We also believe that the design process is not linear and that it requires architects to think, draw and model using different technologies at the same time.